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The UK is notorious for grey weather, so this ended up being a good day — Photo of Author

Hello everyone!

My name is Sajjad, and I’m 27 years old, living in London. My parents are originally from Bangladesh, but I come from a vibrant multi-cultural family that’s scattered across the globe from Canada to Australia.

As a person, I’m quite confident and ambitious and enjoy socialising with others…

Vilified by contemporary writers, he was, in fact, a people’s emperor and loved by the masses

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Nero exhibition at the British Museum, where, after nearly 2,000 years, a new story was being told.

Nero was the fifth emperor of Rome who ruled from 54 AD-68AD. Despite being a descendant of Augustus, he would be the last in his…

Imagine serving a 1,000-year prison sentence in just eight and a half hours. Would it be considered ethical?

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Around the world, governments are facing a serious problem. Prisons are over capacity, and with each passing year, the number of prisoners continues growing at an unsustainable figure. …

Have you ever wondered what kind of writer you were growing up? What if you created an entire novel, complete with illustrations and rediscovered it?

image by author

Growing up, I loved playing games on the PlayStation, watching films and reading fictional stories. The internet wasn’t really much of a thing back then, particularly not for an 11-year old so a lot of my imagination was inspired through those activities.

And it filled my mind with creativity. So…

When we consume vanilla-based foods, very rarely does it contain natural vanilla

Image Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that most vanilla ice creams don’t actually contain vanilla? Brands have been looking at ways to reduce costs in food items for decades now, and even well-known ones lack some important ingredients like fresh cream and milk.

Vanilla is one of the most universally well-known flavours and…

Too often, we’re caught up in wanting to make others happy, but unless it’s reciprocated, is it really making us happy?

Image Sourced from Flickr

I’m lucky in that my workplace offers free ‘mental health coaching’ sessions. Anyone can book them once a month, and although there are several coaches to choose from, I’ve had them all with someone I’ll call V.

V and I have known each other for almost three years, and she…

Only recently discovered, it defies all of our scientific understanding. Could this become our new secret weapon?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

In the world of microorganisms, there is an eternal battle being fought every second of every day. Bacteria, amoeba and fungi all compete for food and space, yet every single one of them is preyed on by the horrors that we call viruses. They outnumber all the stars in the…

How a single policy change by Turkey could create dangerous global tensions

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Turkey possesses one of the most strategically important cities in the world; Istanbul. Straddling two continents, it’s been the seat of power for major empires throughout world history and today is by far the largest city in Europe with 15 million people.

Running through the city also lies one of…

The story from Jungle Book isn’t fiction. It’s based on a real person, a real man-cub

Image Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

When Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book in 1894, few understood where his inspiration originated from. The story follows the journey of a wild boy called Mowgli, who grew up among wolves without any human contact.

While the friendship with Baloo, the Bear, and facing off against the tiger Shere…

Sajjad Choudhury

Product Operations Manager @ Onfido | Writer on History, Personal Development and Tech | Find and connect with me here

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