Trentino: The Region of Italy You’ve Never Heard

With crystal clear waters, snow-capped mountains and forested hills, it’s an alpine paradise

Sajjad Choudhury


A photo of Lake Levico’s clear blue waters captured by the author
Image by Author — Photo of Lake Levico

Italy is truly a country of wonder. With towering columns of marble dating back thousands of years, historical monuments that make the eyes stare in disbelief and landscapes found nowhere else, it’s no wonder people flock to experience its wonders.

But there is a region in Italy unlike any other. And it’s one that for many years has remained elusive, devoid of the mass of tourists that crowd the streets of Rome, Florence and Venice.

It’s a region with mountains that resemble picturesque Swiss villages, lakes so clear that you’d think you were in a remote part of Scandanavia, and towns that appear to be more German than Italian.

Trentino is in the far north and is like the Scotland of Italy. It’s a place most people have never heard of, and I had the privilege of being able to visit one of its oldest spa towns, Levico Terme.

This small yet beautiful town sitting on the edge of lake Levico is worthy of a visit, not only for its historical significance but also because it’s one of the few places left unspoilt.

Where is Trentino and What Makes it Special?

Almost immediately after arriving at Verona airport, we were met with adverts portraying Trentino as the gateway to the Dolomites, a mountain range that borders Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

It’s an alpine region, and although public transport is slow and cumbersome, the road network is second to none. They carve deep into the mountains, have wide lanes and stretch for hundreds of miles.

Its unusually high development is partly because Trentino was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It only passed to Italy after World War One, which is why the people who live here are distinct from other Italians. Many are bilingual and speak German.

For centuries, the region of Trentino was a favourite destination of the Habsburg nobility. The town of Levico Terme, where we stayed, had a park dedicated to visiting aristocrats, and the old imperial hotel still stands today.



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