The idea that “more is better” is a powerful illusion. Here’s how I’m breaking the cycle within myself.

Why is it that we struggle to be content with what we have despite living in one of the most prosperous eras of human history?

The 2008 financial crisis and the aftermath of COVID haven’t been easy, but neither of these compares with the horrors of the previous century.

No matter which way we look at it, we’re experiencing life in a way that no one in the past ever thought would be possible.

Ask yourself this question.

If you could live the rest of your life as you do right now, would that be enough?

You may feel obligated…

A history lesson on neo-colonialism and the carving of borders.

In recent times, the Middle East has come to be known as a volatile and unstable place. Invasions and civil wars have plagued the region for decades, and it seems that international intervention has done little to resolve the tensions.

But how did it become like this, and what can be done to stop the never-ending conflicts?

Before we get into that, let’s try to understand this region. The Middle East is a relatively new term used to describe the previously held Ottoman territories in the Levant, Arabia and Mesopotamia. …

Knights didn’t just bring a single war-horse. Sometimes they’d bring up to twenty horses on a campaign!

Medieval battles were often decided by the side that had the superior cavalry force. Mounted knights who served as shock troops could decimate entire lines of unarmoured foot soldiers through a carefully orchestrated flanking manoeuvre or through a deadly frontal charge.

Horses weren’t exclusively used by knights during medieval battles. They were used by men-at-arms and even archers, primarily as a means to pursue fleeing enemies.

It was, therefore, important to bring several types of horses on a campaign. …

Working from home has opened up so many new doors. So what are you doing with that extra time?

I didn’t start my writing side hustle until December 2020, a full nine months since the coronavirus pandemic started. Up until then, I lacked confidence and motivation, but there was one thing I wasn’t lacking. Time.

Since working from home, I had an abundance of time that I wasn’t really utilising particularly well. I no longer had to commute, didn’t need to queue to buy lunches, and could finish work on my own terms, not those preset by office culture.

Throughout 2020, I was spending my free time on Netflix and PC games. Social activities weren’t even a thing either…

Don’t be like those around you. Be ahead of the curve.

Aurelian (214–275 AD), also known as Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, was a Roman soldier of humble origins who later became emperor for five years. Despite his short reign, he was able to accomplish a great deal, including:

  • Saving Rome from collapse and allowing the empire to endure for another two hundred years.
  • Being given the title Restitutor Orbis (Restorer of the World) for reunifying the empire's fragmented east and western halves.
  • Implementing reforms that removed corruption and benefitted the poor.

However, he was more than just another emperor. Rome at this time was not a place known for its mercy or…

People cared more about bad breath than bad teeth

When you put the words medieval peasant and hygiene together, what comes to mind? It’s probably not going to be an image of a polished, clean person who takes care of themselves, right?

You’d probably be thinking of a decrepit old man wearing rags and eating muck instead. Well, we know that the last part isn’t true because many peasants ate fairly well.

But what about when it came to hygiene, and in particular, dental hygiene?

Since their diet was rich in dairy and lacked any refined sugar, most medieval people had teeth that were in surprisingly good condition. …

This is starting to look like a new trend!

Last month, 1,000 writers received a welcome treat in their inbox as Medium handed out a one time bonus of $500 for publishing stories with high engagement.

A mix of emotions swept through the platform, with many excited, overjoyed, and confused about why Medium made such an unexpected move.


Have you ever met a truly domesticated cat? They don’t exist!

I always saw Shadow, my cute furry friend, as an innocent pet that loved to take naps, receive belly rubs, and explore the great outdoors. But it only dawned on me that he was actually a harbinger of death when I looked out the window one day and saw him with a bird in his mouth!

I didn’t really know what to do. Help free the bird or let nature take its course? When I tried to take a closer look at the bird, he ran inside and scuttled away under the sofa.

For Shadow, it was like a game…

The Vikings didn’t only eat meat, they also ate grains and lots of vegetables.

A Viking couple at home.
A Viking couple at home.

The Vikings were Norse people from modern-day Denmark, Norway, and Sweden who were famous for their longboats, invasions, and discovery of the New World.

But they weren’t only confined to Scandanavia. Vikings travelled across Europe, and their descendants found themselves in Russia, France, Italy, and even Iraq. This created cultural differences where the Swedes moved eastwards to become the Rus, and the Danes would integrate with the Scots and Irish in Viking Britain.

There were regional differences too. For example, Icelandic people had traditions that included hunting Greenland sharks, which wasn’t practised by the Danes, and in the northern parts…


And why it will leave you wanting more, too

It was the beginning of 2018, and the cold dark winter that enveloped London left many feeling miserable. I was yearning for the sun and wanted to go somewhere relaxing, away from this desolate place called England.

But where could I go that wasn’t too far away yet still offered the sun that I was craving for?

My googling pointed me to Gran Canaria. It was the perfect winter destination with an average temperature of 24°C all year round, famous for its delicious food and having a calm relaxing atmosphere!

Fortunately, I had a work colleague who was from Gran…

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