The idea that “more is better” is a powerful illusion. Here’s how I’m breaking the cycle within myself.

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Why is it that we struggle to be content with what we have despite living in one of the most prosperous eras of human history?

The 2008 financial crisis and the aftermath of COVID haven’t been easy, but neither of these compares with the horrors of the previous century.

No matter which way we look at it, we’re experiencing life in a way that no one in the past ever thought would be possible.

Ask yourself this question.

If you could live the rest of your life as you do right now, would that be enough?

You may feel obligated…

Updated April 2021

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1. What We’re Looking For

Until recently, self-care as a topic hasn’t had a strong presence on Medium or the wider internet. We felt that men struggled with this the most, so we started this publication as a way for others to share their personal stories.

To that end, we’re looking for two types of stories:

  • Personal Stories: How have you battled self-care, and what advice or learnings can you impart to other men? Did you discover a new routine that helps to reduce stress? An innovative skincare product? A way to encourage others to open up about their emotions?
  • Information Pieces: What can you…

Five women from five different eras

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Throughout history, women were often overshadowed by the accomplishments of great men and forced into the background amidst a patriarchal society.

But not all societies were equal. In Ancient Egypt and Persia, for example, women had a lot of freedom, and in some cases, could even surpass men in wealth and power.

In other parts of the world like Ancient Greece, however, they were treated as second-class citizens and had little influence outside of the home.

While the world was tinkering with these ideas, five infamous women lived extraordinary lives that provide us with an insight: regardless of the world…

And the actions that you need to take if you want to live a more fulfilling life

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Self-care can be difficult to understand, especially for men. Does it involve pampering yourself on the weekend, relaxing by going on a walk, having a deep conversation with a friend, or all of those?

Self-care can come in many forms, but there are seven that everyone should try to explore. While it may be difficult to adapt all of them to your life, they make a huge difference.

Just follow one or two of these for a week, and I guarantee you’ll come out feeling like a different person.

1. Emotional

Emotional self-care is all about finding ways to get rid of…

The destruction of the Achaemenid Empire was a tragedy for the world

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Alexander the Great has been recognised as one of the greatest conquerors in human history, and it’s difficult to say how much further he would have gone had he survived longer.

His greatest achievement, or perhaps mistake, was dismantling the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BCE) and burning its capital, Persepolis, to the ground. An empire that was so large that it stretched from the shores of the Bosphorous to India.

Like the future Romans, this empire was prosperous, tolerant, and a beacon of technological innovation. …

Self-care is about preserving your health and living a stress-free life

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Many lazy weekends would go by where my sister would lay out her skincare products on a rug and then spend the next hour or two applying face masks and serums while relaxing to soothing music.

I’d walk past and wonder what it would feel like to just lay there with no thoughts, no worries, and no stresses. So one day, I asked her if I could join in.

I remember my dad smirking as he saw me later that day, wondering why I had a face mask on. After all, it wasn’t something you’d see men normally doing, right?

Spending time and cooking with my mother during the pandemic taught me some valuable life lessons

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The COVID-19 pandemic allowed many of us to take up new hobbies, get into side hustles and reconnect with friends and family.

For me, I wanted to spend more time with my mum and knew that one way to do that would be by helping her cook dinner every day for a week.

I wanted to see from her eyes what it was like to cook for a large family. How did she keep herself motivated to feed 7 people day in and day out?

The lessons I learned from that week of cooking not only surprised me but would…

Each belief system had a very different opinion, but monotheism simply overshadowed them.

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Hell as a concept hasn’t always been linked to being an eternal pit of fire. Throughout human history, it’s only been a recent trend spurred on by the monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Islam.

, , and even the mythologies don’t believe Hell as being a fiery pit. Why then, is there so much variance over its true form?

Descriptions of Hell reflected what people feared the most. If you lived in a hot desert climate, then the unbearable heat of Hell would make you think twice before committing a sin. …

No matter how skilled you think you are, your brain can’t handle writing and editing at the same time

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When I started writing, I followed a simple strategy:

  1. Write up a draft
  2. Do a quick check
  3. Publish as soon as possible

Publishing immediately would give me a dopamine hit, and although the strategy worked for a while, it came at the expense of quality. That’s because I hadn’t realized there were any issues. At least not until the rejections poured in from editors of publications. And they all pointed to one issue. The work was unreadable.

I would re-read my work and be surprised. Paragraphs had typos that would distort the meaning, and entire sections of the text would…

To join a startup, you have to be different from the rest

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3 months after graduating from university, I landed my first job. It was at a startup.

I remember my dad questioning why I had joined a company with a mere 40 people, and also why I had been offered such a low salary. Surely there were better options out there.

But I joined because I believed in the vision, the culture that had been created, and the chance to make an impact on something that could potentially change the world.

Fast forward to 2021, and that same startup has grown to over 450 people, with numerous tech awards won over…

Sajjad Choudhury

Product Operations Manager @ Onfido | Writer on History, Personal Development and Tech | Follow my Self-Care Newsletter

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