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The UK is notorious for grey weather, so this ended up being a good day — Photo of Author

Hello everyone!

My name is Sajjad, and I’m 27 years old, living in London. My parents are originally from Bangladesh, but I come from a vibrant multi-cultural family that’s scattered across the globe from Canada to Australia.

As a person, I’m quite confident and ambitious and enjoy socialising with others…

The festive season is always known for one dish, and that’s turkey. But what about its more flavoured cousin, the goose?

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

The months of November and December are a time of celebration, and for many around the world, that means a celebration of food.

With winter on the horizon, we hunker down and enjoy rich extravagant feasts with friends and family. With the US celebrating Thanksgiving and millions worldwide celebrating Christmas…

It’s plagued the country for decades and shows no signs of coming to an end

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

The United States has had to deal with many problems throughout its history, but despite being one of the world’s leading superpowers, it still struggles with one area in particular.

Its domestic policy. And namely, its infrastructure development.

You see, compared to European countries, the US arguably has one of…

It’s a multi-generational trip that lasts for six months and covers both the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert

Image Credits: Ian Leach / Image Source: Butterfly Conservation

Animals migrate all the time. Either to move onto better feeding grounds, to mate, or simply because of the changing seasons. But one animal, in particular, takes this a step further.

Butterflies are not exactly known for their flying ability. They’re small, slow and fragile, easily being squashed by a…

Sajjad Choudhury

Product Operations Manager @ Onfido | Writer on History, Personal Development and Tech | Find and connect with me here

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